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It is essential that Iowa makes job creation its highest priority. Private sector jobs and small business are the economic engines that create wealth, and we need to do everything we can to improve the health of the private sector job creators.

We need to support manufacturing, agriculture and other industry by creating a tax environment that encourages growth.

We must reform our regulatory policies and procedures. Everywhere I turn, everyone I talk to has examples of regulatory barriers to job creation. From my perspective in ag-business and farming, I see many regulations that are frustrating at the least, but more importantly, are costly and detrimental to a productive business environment.
We must reform our education system to compete in today's world. Not so many years ago Iowa consistently led the nation in education performance. Now we languish in the middle of the pack. I believe we've lost our focus on the basics of teaching children. We need to find ways to create a better learning environment, to allow our teachers to focus solely on teaching the fundamentals, and to expect positive outcomes. We all know that reading is a problem for many, but in my experience children leave school not even knowing how to manage personal finances. That is a disservice to our students, our state and our nation.

A bright future also requires that our Iowa constitution is not ignored by politicians, or distorted by judges. We have unfinished business with respect to the definition of marriage in Iowa. The process the Court used to change the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional, and the result of the Supreme Court’s rejection of the law is unacceptable. Folks, let us not forget, our great state belongs to “we the people”.

The people of Iowa spoke very loud and clear in November 2010 by voting three Supreme Court judges off the bench. Now, the Legislature and Governor must address the matter rather than allowing the Supreme Court to legislate and execute law from the bench.


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