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I am Mahaska County Supervisor Ken Rozenboom. I am asking for your support as I seek the GOP nomination for the new Iowa Senate District 40 seat.

I’m running for the Statehouse because you deserve better direction from the Iowa Senate so our children and grandchildren have a brighter future. Talking with voters in our new district, I hear a common theme: People want their government to be more accountable, to curb excessive spending and to reduce unnecessary expansion of government control.

For our children and grandchildren to have a brighter future, we must offer them the best education of any state in our great nation.

A bright future also ensures our Iowa constitution is not ignored by politicians, or distorted by judges. Folks, let us not forget, our great state belongs to "we the people"!

This is going to be an exciting campaign, and I am asking for your support. Let’s go accomplish great things – it starts today. Our children and grandchildren’s bright future is now.

You can reach me by emailing me.

Iowa State Senator Ken Rozenboom (R-Oskaloosa) from Chris Dorsey on Vimeo.